Elk Sliders with Foie Gras and Blueberry Jam

(Serves 4)
1 tbsp bulb fennel (chopped)
1tbsp red onion (chopped)
1tbsp poblano (chopped)
1 tbsp cup bacon lardoon (cooked)
½ tsp tablespoons chipotle puree
½ tsp tablespoons roasted garlic
¼ tsp tablespoons dried thyme
¼ tsp tablespoons dried oregano
¼ tsp tablespoons salt
¼ tsp tablespoon ground black pepper
½ pound ground elk
1 tbsp Chef Tim Love Gamerub
½ cup frozen blueberries
¼ sheet of gelatin
1 tbsp sugar
1 ounces foie gras (cut into ¼ ounce pieces)
4 Hawaiian Sweet Rolls


Sliders: Saute fennel and red onion in pan until translucent, allow to cooldown.

Combine the bacon, chipotle, roasted garlic, thyme, oregano, fennel, red onion, salt, pepper into a food processor and mix until well combined.

Add the ground elk to the mixture and combine with your hands until well mixed. Portion into 1.5 ounce balls and form into patties.

Jam: Put blueberries into a small sauce pan and allow to warm up on low heat. Meanwhile take the gelatin sheets and bloom in room temperature water until softened.

Take the gelatin out of the water.

Add the sugar and gelatin to the warm blueberries and blend with a stick blender. Return the mixture to heat and let simmer for 10 minutes. Allow to cool before serving.

Putting it all together: Sprinkle Chef Tim Love Gamerub onto the slider patties and foie gras.

Cook sliders on high heat for 1 minute each side.

Cook foie gras on one side until golden brown.

Place foie gras on top of slider and serve on Hawaiian Sweet Rolls with the blueberry jam. Enjoy!