Farm Salad

Serves 4


1 head collard greens

1 head radicchio

2 medium carrots

1 acorn squash

¼ cup melted butter

1 tbsp brown sugar

4 eggs

½ cup red wine vinegar

1 ½ cups vegetable oil

1 tsp capers

2 tsp chopped garlic

2 tsp chopped shallot

2 tsp dijion mustard

1 tsp minced thyme

1 tsp minced rosemary

Salt and pepper



Combine in a bowl or blender: red wine vinegar, capers, garlic, shallot, mustard, thyme, and rosemary.

Blend all ingredients together. Slowly drizzle the vegetable oil into mix while continuing to blending on

the slowest speed possible while still moving the ingredients. You should now have a red wine

vinaigrette. Season to taste.


Cut the radicchio into 4 equal wedges, wash if necessary, and grill until nicely charred. Once cool, thinly

slice the radicchio. Thinly shave the collard greens, wash if necessary.


Cut the carrots into ½ inch by ½ inch by 2 inch sticks. Blanch them in boiling water until tender. Shock

them in an ice water bath to halt further cooking.


Cut the acorn squash in half and remove the seeds. Next peel the acorn squash and cut into 1 inch

cubes. Toss with the melted butter and brown sugar. Roast in an oven until tender.

Crack open the eggs on a hot griddle or pan and cook them sunny-side up.


In the meantime mix the collard greens, radicchio, carrots and acorn squash together. Drizzle as much of

the red wine vinaigrette as desired and toss thoroughly . Place the sunnyside up egg on a plate in the six

o clock position, mound the salad in the middle.